Proudly produced shirts:

     USHCC Conference 1999

  George Herrera-President & CEO

World of Colors represents All Races & Nationalities Uniting to Break the Cycle of Poverty, Crime, Violence, Drugs & Racism 

Tri-Con Global Restaurants Project

​Terrian Barnes - Diversity

Richard Rugnao-Diversity Director

              Proudly produced LATIN GRAMMY Merchandise - 2009​

          Luis Dousdebes-CFO- Marco Sagrera- Business Development;

                         The Latin Recording Academy

              National Council of La Raza Orlando 2016

​              Lideres Youth Leadership Summit tote bags


UnidosUs NILSL T-Shirt Project

May, 2021

We would like to thank Republica-Havas for being one of the most supportive & forward thinking diversity teams we have had the pleasure to work with in recent history - San Diego- 2019

NCLR Annual Conference Chicago Navy Pier 1997

David Chavez is a true supporter, mentor & guiding light in helping Latinos achieve the American Dream!-Rick Rodriguez-2022

I still remember the warmth, beauty & graciousness of my mom's unconditional love & would like to recapture & share with the world if humanely possible! This picture was taken on my grandparents farm, Rural Lamont, IA. -


          David & Sarah Chavez - We Are Ingenuity -2018

​David introduced us to our 1st NCLR Conference in Dallas -1995

We would like to personally thank David & Sarah for their incredible support & encouragement of Latino entrepreneurs!

ExxonMobil Diversity Initiatives

​Christine Bobadilla-Diversity Director

               ​NCLR 2005

UnidosUS 2018

Washington D.C. Totes

            National Council of La Raza-Orlando 2016

                               Conference Bags

"Our Father Who Art in Heaven..... deliver us from Evil for thine is the Kingdom and the Power & the Glory Forever!"​​​​


Latin GRAMMYS 2006

Mandalay Bay- Las Vegas

              Proudly Produced ALMA Awards Merchandise  1999

            Pasadena - Ritz Carlton- Foothills San Gabriel Mountains  

L-R: Robert Rodriguez, Ali Landry- Actress/Model/Miss USA, Greg Brown -Rodriguez,

             Rick Rodriguez - Founder  - World of Colors-Break the Cycle LLC

          Corporate Supplier Diversity Initiatives: 1995-2022

Vegas Tejano Annual Music Festival 2018

           LULAC Event- Chicago

    David & Sarah Chavez- Ingenuity

The unconditional love of a struggling single mom who would find the time to share Jesus's message with her family is priceless!  

AAS Degree Health Sciences - Respiratory Therapy- 2010

              Positive Portrayals of Hispanics

  Proudly produced ALMA Awards Merchandise 2002

         Promoting Positive Portrayals of Hispanics

           David Chavez- Co-Producer-ALMA AWARDS


          UNIDOS US 2018

Stronger America - Volunteer T's 

                       NCLR Houston 1999

​William J. Moon-UPS Global Procurement/Billion Dollar Roundtable

​                   David Chavez - Strategic Marketing


NCLR Annual Conference Philadelphia 1998

John Rodriguez - Rick Rodriguez- Maria Elena Smith

   NCLR Miami Beach 2002

​David Chavez-Strategic Marketing

                 NCLR Annual Conference Philadelphia 1998

                Coordinated with the Honorable George Herrera-USHCC

        United States Marines - San Diego-1977

My brother & I were meritoriously promoted; pictured we are fresh out of Marine Corps boot camp! My brother had shared his childhood memory of feeling the sting of racism when he was only 5 years old when we lived in Dubuque, IA as children. His emotional pain of feeling attacked and not understanding why is part of the fabric & reasoning for the existence of World of Colors - Break the Cycle!

   ​NCLR Annual Conference Houston 1999

L to R: Chaz Rodriguez, Rick Rodriguez,

Esperanza - John Rodriguez- Robert Rodriguez

UnidosUs 2019

San Diego Conference Totes

         NCLR Lideres Youth Summit 2016 Orlando

                            Staff T - Shirts

Founded World of Colors-Break the Cycle - 1995

Spiritual flow promoting ALL Races & Nationalities Uniting to

"Break the Cycle" of Poverty, Crime, Violence, Drugs & Racism

                NCLR/UnidosUS Annual Conference Phoenix, AZ  2017

Loretta Rodriguez-Sr. Director Human Resources; Rick Rodriguez-WOC;

 Special Acknowledegment: Darcy Eischens-Deputy Vice President-Policy & Development

Rick Rodriguez- USMC San Diego 1977

​Meritorious Promotion MCRD-Boot Camp

Positive Portrayals of Hispanics

                           "Each One Reach One"

                   Believe in Yourself -Follow Your Dreams!

                  NCLR Family Expo 2016 Orlando, FL


UnidosUs NILSL Tee Back

May 2021

UnidosUs 2019-San Diego

National Council of La Raza Kansas City 2015​

                       UnidosUS/NCLR Phoenix 2017

                          Lideres Youth Summit Totes

Proud Member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council



World of Colors- Break the Cycle concepts & messages are a tribute and honor to an incredible single mom with a beautiful heart whom shared her unconditional love and knowledge of Jesus's light with her 2 young sons - This is for you mom!

Rick Rodriguez- Founder - World of Colors-Break the Cycle LLC

      North Central Minority Supplier Development Council

                    Messenger Bags WBOF - 2017

Rick Rodriguez-Graduation MCRD San Diego

Expert Rifle Range-1st Class PFT-1977

Positive Portrayals of Hispanics 

      RR Donnelley & Sons

Kevin Bradley-Diversity Director

NCLR Annual Conference 

Fostering 4 Nephews since 2018 - Angel Rodriguez[not pictured];

Brendan Rodriguez, Tristan Rodriguez & Elijah King Rodriguez